Jerry Seinfeld Got Coffee With Trevor Noah and Told Him He’s Going to Do ‘Just Fine’

For this week’s installment of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld had a play date with Trevor Noah. The young, new Daily Show host bounced all over the place, talking about his rise to stardom, what comedy was like in South Africa (including incidents involving heckling and blatant racism), how he first learned the power of humor, why Jon Stewart left at the perfect time, and how he manages his insane schedule, among many, many other topics. Of all the gems in here, though, one of the best moments came from inside the coffee shop, when Seinfeld looked at Noah and said: “You know what? You’re gonna do just fine. You are a purebred … you’re comedic heritage is very purebred.” Noah was all smiles and laughs and took all of the other Seinfeld-isms (including the host’s sage definition of pain) with no protest. The only unfortunate part about this fun-friends interview is that the whole Twitter thing apparently evaporated into thin air (would’ve been interesting to see these two talking more about what it means to be politically correct on social media). Very cool Ferrari, though. Watch the whole episode below, or go to Crackle for the full-res version.

Seinfeld Tells Noah He’s Going to Do ‘Just Fine’