The 14 Craziest Moments of the Suicide Squad Trailer

Hey, batter, batter, batter, batter!

You’ve seen the Suicide Squad trailer in crappy pirated versions, and you’ve seen the Suicide Squad trailer in pristine HD. But have you ever seen the Suicide Squad trailer in GIFs? Now you have! Below, find the craziest moments from the trailer, looped over and over and over again. That’s right — we started the GIF that started the whole world crying.

Mmm. See, this is why you hire Viola Davis. That’s the kind of morally ambiguous steak cutting you can only get with a Tony Award winner and Oscar nominee.

Hey, look, it’s our first glimpse of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, the world’s first evil gymnast.

Let no one say this movie is not gritty enough. Look at those face tattoos!

Here’s our best look at Cara Delevingne’s Enchantress, seen here relaxing in a tub full of hair dye.

Are the Suicide Squad heroes or villains? The costumes say villain, but that synchronized group walk screams heroes all the way.

Up until now we’ve been led to believe this was a fairly realistic movie. This guy sees the face tattoos and raises.

Who will be the first Major League Baseball player to steal this move?

Are these the Suicide Squad or someone else? Either way, that panda suit was probably the most coveted stuntman gig on set.

She is going in for this role.

Margot Robbie’s childhood orthodontist is beaming with pride.

One more hero walk before we get to the grand finale, with Karen Fukuhara’s Katana leading the way this time.

It’s Jared Leto’s Joker, looking really creepy! Those are the kind of crazy eyes you can only get with a onetime Academy and six-time Kerrang! Award winner.

12 Craziest Moments of the Suicide Squad Trailer