The Current ‘Daily Show’ Executive Producers Are Sticking Around for Trevor Noah

Earlier this week, Comedy Central confirmed that all the current Daily Show correspondents and contributors will remain on the show after Trevor Noah takes over in September, and today the network confirmed that’s also the case for the show’s executive producers Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz, Tim Greenberg, Jill Katz, and Adam Lowitt.

“Steve, Jen, Tim, Jill and Adam have been key architects of The Daily Show’s success, and we are excited that they will continue at the core of the creative team working with Trevor Noah as the show evolves,” said Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless. “They remain committed to delivering the smart, insightful comedy that has become the hallmark of The Daily Show.” All five producers have been with the show since at least 2006, with Flanz having the longest tenure since starting as a production assistant in 1998.

The Current ‘Daily Show’ Executive Producers Are […]