‘The Daily Show’ Turned a Long-Running Inside Joke into a Reality Last Night

With only seven episodes left before Jon Stewart’s final episode, The Daily Show decided to play around with its usual format last night by putting a long-running inside joke into practice: What if Jon did the show without saying anything? That’s exactly what happened during a nearly four-minute segment about Mike Huckabee recently comparing the Iran Deal to the Holocaust. “For anybody who was watching at home who thought to themselves, ‘What the hell was going on in the second act there?’ let me explain very quickly,” Stewart said at the end of the show. “For the past, I don’t know, 15 or 16 years, we’ve had a running joke that I could really do the show without saying anything – that I could just make stupid faces and grunt. And we never had the balls to try that, so with two weeks to go we thought ‘Why not?’ So that’s what we did, and I realized I’ve been working way too hard.”

‘The Daily Show’ Turned a Long-Running Inside Joke […]