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Watch the Emotional Trailer for Room, Brie Larson’s Potential Masterpiece

Last summer, when we profiled best friends Shailene Woodley and Brie Larson, they had both been vying for the lead role in the same project, with Larson ultimately getting the part. Woodley held no hard feelings, though: “I just wanted the movie to be made,” she told us, noting that Larson was perfect for the part and predicting, “It will be a masterpiece.” The movie they were discussing was Room — an adaptation of the best-selling novel about a woman, kidnapped for years, who raises her young child while in continued captivity — and you can watch the new trailer for the film below. It’s an emotional whopper, so start preparing yourself: Room, directed by Lenny Abrahamson (who made last year’s terrific, underrated Frank) will bow in September at the Toronto Film Festival before arriving in select theaters on October 16.

See the Emotional Trailer for Kidnap Drama Room