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Is True Detective Our New Hate-Watch?

Hello! On the latest episode of “The Vulture TV Podcast,” Margaret, Matt, and Gazelle discuss what defines a hate-watch, whether True Detective’s latest season qualifies, and why saying “People don’t talk that way” is not a good criticism of a TV show. Plus, catch our final thoughts on Orange Is the New Black’s excellent third season.

This episode contains spoilers in the following discussions:

Halt and Catch Fire, “10Broad36,” 1:33–3:08
The second episode of AMC’s Humans, 3:08–6:34
True Detective, “Maybe Tomorrow,” 16:52–29:32
The second half of Orange Is the New Black’s third season, 30:46–44:04

Further reading: “Maybe Tomorrow” recap; the story behind “The Rose” on True Detective; the Lynchian overtones on TD; Margaret’s take on Humans; our Orange Is the New Black fanfiction.

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Is True Detective Our New Hate-Watch?