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What’s the Downside to Marathon-Viewing?

Ready yourself: It’s time for another episode of “The Vulture TV Podcast”! This week, Margaret and Matt discuss the best — and worst — kinds of shows to binge-watch; the dreamy, atmosphere-driven beauty of Rectify; the almost-great aspects of Masters of Sex; and, of course, this frustrating season of True Detective.

This episode contains spoilers in the following discussions:
Rectify, “Hoorah” (10:58–23:55)
Masters of Sex, “Parliament of Owls” (25:33–37:16)
True Detective, “Down Will Come” (37:16–47:47)

Further reading: Rectify Is Among the Most Radical Storytelling on TV, our Masters of Sex recap, and True Detective Is Way Better Mashed Up With Starsky and Hutch.

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What’s the Downside to Marathon-Viewing?