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Watch Miss Piggy Sing Rihanna’s ‘BBHMM’

The baton gets passed from one bad girl to another in this week’s Vulture Remix. Visually, there’s not much overlap between Rihanna and Miss Piggy. But when it comes to their life philosophies? They both have an exquisite taste for the good life, zero f*cks to give, and no fear about telling someone to get out of their goddamn way.

That’s why it seemed like a natural marriage to put Rihanna’s summer smash “Bitch Better Have My Money” (“BBHMM” for the squeamish) into the snouted mouth of the porcine diva. We recruited video-remix artist Adam Schleichkorn (better known by his nom de YouTube Mylo the Cat) to craft the following short. We beg of you: Please don’t call Miss Piggy on her bluff.

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Watch Miss Piggy Sing ‘BBHMM’