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New Joy TV Spot: Jennifer Lawrence Still Lives With Her Parents

Another year, another David O. Russell movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. This time, the weight of Joy falls squarely on Jennifer Lawrence’s $20 million shoulders, as she plays the lead character, Joy Mangano, Long Island mom and inventor of the Miracle Mop — an ingenious product that made her a millionaire many times over. Bradley Cooper plays an executive at HSN and Robert De Niro plays Joy’s father. The film opens on Christmas Day, when it will ask Santa for all of the Oscar nominations. Until then, you have the full-length trailer (above) to tide you over.

With the initial trailer you have lots of Jennifer Lawrence, and even more self-made entrepreneurship!

Alongside J.Law’s Nightline interview, Fox released a brand-new clip, which essentially features Joy dropping 100 mics on the head of Bradley Cooper’s character — and then his best impression of the hushed emoji:

As Joy starts to screen for critics and press, we’ve gotten a TV spot with the most detail about J. Law’s character yet. She’s got a dead-end job, she’s in debt, and she shares her house with her divorced parents, her grandmother, and her ex. What a kooky family! How very Silver Linings Playbook.

Jennifer Lawrence in New Joy Trailer