Sam Smith and Disclosure Teamed Up for Another ‘Latch’ — You’ll Probably Love It in Two Years

Back when Sam Smith and Disclosure were three nobodies, they made a song called “Latch” that turned into an international hit anything but overnight. In England, it exploded right away, but like any great overseas import, it took some time for it to catch on in the U.S. In fact, “Latch” became a Song of Summer contender in the States nearly two years after its release. Now that the Lawrence brothers (no, not those ones) are on to their sophomore album — to be released September 25 — they’ve linked up with Smith to re-create that magic. And while “Omen” doesn’t exactly capture that same infectious spark, it does include another sexy hook — its video features Smith serving plenty of sensual faces. Too bad we’ll probably have to wait another two years to realize we love it.

Watch Sam Smith and Disclosure’s New Video