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New The Finest Hours Trailer: Lights! Camera! CGI! Accents!

Back in 1952, decades before The Perfect Storm, an intense nor’easter pummeled the coast of New England. But thanks to one Coast Guard team’s rescue mission, a crew of sailors were able to make it out alive. Now Disney has turned their harrowing story into a feature film starring Chris Pine’s terrible Boston accent and lots of CGI waves. What more does a good disaster blockbuster need?

While the first trailer (see above) focused more on civilian life, our latest update (below) cuts straight to the action. In the middle of a storm, Chris Pine shouts at a lot of people. How will they make it out? Can anyone understand anyone in this movie? What is a nor’easter anyway? You’ll have to wait until January 29 to find out.

Watch the New The Finest Hours Trailer