Watch This Exclusive Scene From The Wolfpack and You’ll Understand All the Buzz

One of the best-reviewed films out this summer is The Wolfpack, a documentary so one-of-a-kind that our own David Edelstein called it a “rare, transcendent work of art.” And if you haven’t yet gotten to see the movie — which follows six film-obsessed brothers who are rarely allowed to leave their New York apartment — now’s your chance, as The Wolfpack just went up on iTunes today. Vulture’s got an exclusive pivotal scene from the movie that ought to move the needle even further: In it, you’ll get a glimpse of how the brothers dress as their favorite film characters and re-create scenes (here, from The Dark Knight), a pursuit that allows them temporary relief from the stifling semi-captivity imposed by their father. Take a look!

Watch This Exclusive Scene From The Wolfpack