What’s New on Hulu: August 2015

Photo: Hulu

At the beginning of (and throughout) every month, Hulu adds new movies and TV shows to its library. Here is a quick list of several that you might be interested in. Some of these may also have previously been on Netflix, only to have been removed and then added back. Feel free to note anything we’ve left out in the comments below.

The one Hulu wants you to watch:

Difficult People (season 1)

Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner are terrible to everyone but each other, and also sometimes to each other. That’s the basis for Hulu’s latest original series, executive produced by Amy Poehler. If that list of talent isn’t enough to get you excited for the series, watch Eichner, Klausner, and Poehler’s Vulture Festival panel to get a sense of Difficult People’s alternately caustic and charming vibe. (Available August 5.)

For a Sunday Funday:

You’re the Worst (season 1)

A brilliant ten-episode gem about terrible people in love, You’re the Worst was one of 2014’s breakout TV shows. Before the second season comes out in September, here’s a chance to catch up/rewatch/indoctrinate your friends. Host a You’re the Worst watching party! Make everyone read heckles and wear fake mustaches! Call it Sunday Funday! (August 10 is a Monday, but any day can be a Sunday Funday if you drink hard enough.) (Available August 10.)

If you don’t want any drama:

Hotwives of Las Vegas (season 2)

There are two camps of reality TV satire: One reveals the darkness behind our obsessions (see Lifetime’s magnificent UnREAL). The other takes an absurd cultural product and makes it even more ridiculous. The Casey Wilson–led Hotwives of Orlando falls squarely in the latter camp, as last season took the already over the top Housewives franchise to its logical breaking point. The second season decamps to Vegas, where everyone launches a memoir, because why not? (Available August 18.)

Oldest new title:

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) (1972)

Given the controversy surrounding Woody Allen, this 1972 sex farce might not be at the top of your viewing list. Still, you can find a worse use of your time than dropping in on a few of the film’s vignettes, especially the one featuring Gene Wilder, delightfully at home in a weird, manic comedy. (Available August 1.)

Just plain weird:

Angel, Alien, and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension

Hulu tends to pick up a lot of weird titles, though that’s starting to change. They’ve invested in building a customer base with titles like Seinfeld and original content like Difficult People or the next season of The Mindy Project. Still, a quick glance at Hulu’s library reveals a lot of material that looks like old Hulu. Case in point: Angel, Alien, and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension, a 2012(!) investigation into the paranormal that purports to be entirely serious. (Available August 6.)

Biggest time suck:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 15)

If you want to give CSI a proper good-bye, you’ll down all 18 episodes of its final season in one sitting. Thirteen-and-a-half hours later, you’ll return to the world the rest of us inhabit, magically having attained the power to zoom in and enhance any and all images. (Available August 28.)


August 2

Basketball Wives LA (season 4 premiere)

August 4

Bachelor in Paradise (season 2 premiere)

August 6

America’s Next Top Model (season 22 premiere)
(season 1)
Job or No Job
(series premiere)
Mr. Robinson
(series premiere)
A Wicked Offer
(series premiere)

August 7

The Next Step (season 2)

August 8

Doctor Who (season 8)
Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories
 (season 1)

August 10

You’re the Worst (season 1)*

August 12

The Next Step Realty: NYC (series premiere)
Startup U
(season 2 premiere)

August 13

Kevin From Work (series premiere)

August 14

Nobunagun (season 1)
Wanna Be the Strongest in the World!
(season 1)

August 21

Hyperdimension Neptunia (season 1)
Mr. Pickles
(season 1)

August 25

Switched at Birth (season-4 premiere)

August 27

Hot Package (season 2)


August 1

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag (1997)
A Bridge Too Far
Another Woman
Mr. Mom

August 6

2Survive (2015)
52 Tuesdays
The Anomaly
Another Kind
The Architect
Betelnut Beauty
The Big Fix
Blood and High Heels
Dangerous Affairs
Dark Tarot
Eye for an Eye
Ferocious Planet
Flash Gordon
From Dust
Fun Size Horror
Hello! How Are You?
Iceland Aurora
Ladies of the House
Moses: Man of God
The Mother Grain
My Amityville Horror
Nero: The Obscure Face of Power
Once More, With Feeling
The Party Is Over
Peace After Marriage
The Poseidon Adventure
Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies
Ten Nights of Dreams
Two Guys
Walking Man
We Are Young
Xtra Credit

August 13

Errors of the Human Body (2012)

August 20

ItaKiss (season 1)

August 21

Gallagher: Totally New (1982)

August 28

Kevin Hart Presents: Keith Robinson – Back of the Bus Funny (2014)