Oops: This New Ant-Man Commercial May Have Spoiled Its Big Avengers Reveal

Now that practically every Marvel superhero not named Hulk or Thor is confirmed to appear in Captain America: Civil War, Marvel has to figure out a way to keep its ever-expanding cinematic universe semi-logically connected. We’ve already heard one Avengers name-drop in an Ant-Man trailer and seen all the Avengers-teasing posters, but a new Spanish-language commercial may have accidentally revealed Marvel’s worst-kept secret: Yep, there’s at least one Avenger in Ant-Man. Enter: Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. We last saw Sam Wilson promoted to full-time Avenger in Age of Ultron, and now here he is rocking that same fancy Avengers suit in Ant-Man’s world:

Didn’t catch his split-second cameo? Here’s Falcon again, in all his Avengers glory:

Let the “Falcon will recruit Ant-Man for Civil War” rumors fly!

Yep, an Avenger Will Be in Ant-Man