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Jesse Pinkman’s Breaking Bad House Is Up for Sale, But You’ll Have to Build Your Own Meth Lab

Buy it, bitch. Photo: AMC

Wanna own a pricey piece of Breaking Bad memorabilia? Jesse Pinkman’s trap house is now on the market: According to a listing, the house that Jesse and Walt temporarily used for their meth lab (and murders) can now be yours for a cool $1.6 million. If you’ll recall, this is the same house whose upstairs floor Jesse melted through when he attempted to disintegrate Krazy 8’s cousin with acid. It’s also where Jesse threw his many, many ragers. Unfortunately, the listing notes that the basement meth lab isn’t included. (Bummer.) But if you’re willing to move to Albuquerque and deal with the Breaking Bad tourists (hey, at least they won’t throw pizza on your roof), make an offer!

You Can Buy Jesse Pinkman’s Breaking Bad House