Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm Once Hosted an ‘Emmy Losers’ Party

Count on Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm to make a loser-filled party cool. Variety has a new interview out today with Mike Schur and Robert Carlock all about their respective shows and tons of – or in Schur’s case, inexplicable lack of – Emmy wins, and as he is known to do, Schur pointed out the injustice that is Amy Poehler’s lack of Emmy Awards over the years. According to Schur, Poehler thankfully found a great way to make the most of her bad Emmy luck with some help from someone who understands how it feels – Jon Hamm:

Carlock: But Amy had been nominated before, right? Schur: Amy’s been nominated every year since season two. I think this is her sixth nomination for Leslie Knope. She was also nominated for SNL and a bunch of other stuff. It’s really crazy. She and Jon Hamm did this thing a couple years ago — they had an Emmy Losers party that they announced before the Emmys because they were so sure they would lose. You could only come if you lost. If you won you had to leave your Emmy at the door with a security guard and make a donation to Worldwide Orphans. Julia (Louis-Dreyfus) went and had to make a huge donation to this charity because she’d won. Amy and Jon together are something like 0 for 32. Carlock: Boy, they stink. Schur: They’re really bad at acting. Carlock: It’s so embarrassing for them. I don’t get why they don’t stop. Schur: It’s weird they even keep trying.

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Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm Once Hosted an ‘Emmy Losers’ […]