Tom Hardy Has Been Secretly Making the Greatest Dubsmash Videos

Tom Hardy is a man of many secrets, just a couple being his treasure trove of MySpace selfies and dog obsession. And now we know he’s got a thing for lip-syncing, too. Thanks to his slightly less-bearded Mad Max stunt double, Jake Tomuri, Hardy’s been outed as a Dubsmash fiend. He’s downright addicted to the app (perhaps inspired by Hayley Atwell?), and has covered everything from Wu-Tang to the Bee Gees to Whitney Houston. Of course, Tom hasn’t actually revealed his secret hobby himself — all these videos have been posted so far by Tomuri and, surprisingly, 50 Cent, whose “9 Shots” and “P.I.M.P.” Hardy has delightfully taken on. Feast your eyes on Tom’s glorious Dubsmash collection, and start crossing your fingers that he shows up on Lip Sync Battle next season.

Behold Tom Hardy’s Glorious Dubsmash Videos