This Mortal Kombat–Themed America’s Best Dance Crew Performance Will Make Your Joints Ache

Kinjaz, the group led by America’s Best Dance Crew season-one alums from JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern, finally had a standout performance last night. Week to week, the show has been dominated by B-boy groups Super Cr3w and Quest, who have a big bag of somersaults to draw from. The theme this week was “Crew’s Control” — or, basically, “Impress Us” — which finally allowed Kinjaz to get away from the frenetic pop mixes and do something more in their flow. So they brought in KRNFX, a beatboxer, to do a “dancebox” — beatboxing plus dancing — using Mortal Kombat as the inspiration.

This ABDC Performance Will Make Your Joints Ache