Chris Gethard Breaks Down Which Republican Presidential Candidates Would Be the Best (and Worst) Improvisers

If you’re looking for an alternative review of last night’s Republican debate, look no further than today’s breakdown in Vanity Fair by TCGS host and experienced improv coach Chris Gethard, who was asked to rate all ten candidates as if they were his own improv students. Here’s his take on Scott Walker:

I’d crush this guy with notes about being cocky, and he’d roll his eyes. Too combative and defensive to really be able to lock in and listen and build off a comedic premise. Would be good at playing off his own premises, but would be infuriatingly bad at picking up on what other people are going for. Probably would try to “ask a lot of questions” after you give him notes as his way of telling you that he’s actually right and you’re actually wrong.

Marco Rubio:

He’s good at playing himself, but needs to expand his range of emotions and characters. He’d be the guy who thought about his initiation in full before he started the scene, then if his scene partner didn’t react how he predicted, he’d have no idea where to go from there. Might be good if he could roll with a crew that could get him drunk and loosen him the fuck up.

And here’s Gethard’s take on which improv class archetype Donald Trump exemplifies:

The guy you kind of hated in your class because he was a steamroller, then he’d get on a house team and you’d be pissed more thoughtful people were passed over for him, then he’d be the first guy from his generation to get a commercial agent and you’d be pissed. Then, like, a year later you’d be more secure and you’d see him perform and you’d be like, “Technically he’s not polished, but I can’t deny that he’s fucking funny.”

Read the rest over at Vanity Fair.

Chris Gethard Breaks Down Which Republican […]