Prithee, Did Thou Knowest That Shakespeare Smoked Weed?

William Shakespeare - English author, playwright - portrait
When you’re the greatest writer in the English language and also super-high. Photo: Culture Club/Getty Images

According to South African research,
The Bard had help of herbal kind, indeed:
For some, his reputation’s been besmirched
By news his pipes were full of dank-ass weed.

Using technol’gy of the cutting edge,
They analyzed the ancient residues
In pipes found ‘round fair Shakespeare’s Avon hedge:
And found with cannabis they were infused.

The Stoner Bard’s not news to those who know
His reference to a plant of mighty luck
That spurs “invention” in the mind’s tableau.
Who knows which plays he wrote while high as f***?

There’s one way teachers can this lesson tell:
Make Crispin’s Day take place at Taco Bell!

Did Thou Knowest That Shakespeare Smoked Weed?