Vulture’s 2015 Fall Entertainment Generator: 308 Things to Watch, Hear, and Do

The Fall Entertainment Generator:
308 Things to Watch, Hear, See and Do

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You have a lot to worry about over the next few months: Booking flights for that destination wedding you’re attending in two weeks (and deciding if you have to bring a gift or if you attendance is enough). Fantasy football, or the avoidance of it. Finding a good pasta salad for your cousin’s Labor Day BBQ. Buying new boots. In time you’ll be raking leaves, and not long after that, winterizing your speedboat. The list goes on and on.

Point is, you won’t be wanting for anxiety this fall. Choosing worthwhile entertainment shouldn’t add to it. That’s why we dusted off our Fall Entertainment Generator and packed it full of 308 upcoming movies, shows, books, albums, and more. Simply pick a genre (blockbuster, indie, something adventurous, something trashy) and desired vibe (laugh, cry, scared, thrilled, inspired, or feel smart) and the generator will prescribe a bespoke cultural offering. There’s no better way to keep yourself amused this autumn—especially once that boat’s been shelved for the year.

Vulture’s 308-Item Fall Entertainment Generator