Your GIF Guide to Macklemore’s Bonkers, Broadway-Inspired ‘Downtown’ Video

Return of the Mack.

Macklemore cemented his return to radio ubiquity this morning with his latest single, “Downtown,” featuring hip-hop veterans Grandmaster Caz, Kool Moe Dee, and Melle Mel, along with Foxy Shazam front man (and Freddie Mercury doppelgänger) Eric Nally. It’s as much a sequel to the duo’s breakthrough “Thrift Shop” (except Macklemore’s traded in his fur coat for a moped) as it is to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ throwback “Uptown Funk.” For the “Downtown” video, Mack pulled out all the stops, re-creating West Side Story in his unofficial Broadway debut. There’s choreography! And a Ken Griffey Jr. cameo? The whole elaborate production’s overflowing with future memes that deserve a double take. Relive all the video’s zaniest moments on loop in our GIF recap below.

We begin with a strut. Oh, what a strut.

They strut all the way to the moped store, where Mack scores a bike for $800. This is how you properly flaunt your $800 moped.

And stunt on all those dudes with Bugattis.

But sometimes the moped just doesn’t do your swag justice. Enter: the moose-ped!

At some point he runs into Seattle baseball legend Ken Griffey Jr., who spends his retirement at a fish shop, apparently.

And now, for a battle of the bike gangs, starring Eric Nally on a motorcycle chariot. Sure.

Uh-oh. Do we have a rumble?

Nah, “the M, the A-C, the K” has better things to do.

Like disrupt the peace with his lady.

And perfect his crotch wiggle.

And unite all of downtown Spokane with a glorious parade.

Next stop: Broadway.

A GIF Guide to Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’ Video