The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey Make the Perfect Self-Loathing Pair on New Duet ‘Prisoner’

What a couple. Photo: Corbis

Come spend your Friday diving into the pool of self-loathing that is Lana Del Rey and Abel Tesfaye’s new duet, “Prisoner.” Lana, the tortured lover, and the Weeknd, the addict, sound exactly as you’d expect on this bombastic morbid-pop-meets-lusty-R&B ballad. They croon about their respective sorrows: Lana wonders if Hollywood has poisoned her, while the Weeknd comes to grips with falling in love. For most people, that last one would be a relief, but for someone who previously bragged, “I just fucked two bitches before I saw you,” it’s like living out a horror film. But they each agree that whatever pain they’re in, they brought it on themselves: “I’m addicted to a life that’s so empty and so cold / I’m a prisoner to my decisions,” they whine in tandem. Of course, it ends with a Lana soliloquy.

Hear the Weeknd and Lana Del Rey’s New Duet