Here’s the First Episode of ‘The Onion’s ‘VICE’ Parody Series ‘EDGE’

The Onion is back with a brand new web series this week called EDGE, which takes on VICE by being the lone brave news outlet willing to “throw acid in the face of ignorance.” The first installment starring correspondent Nic Moss – titled “Beyond The Brink: How The Israeli Occupation Has Made It Impossible For Palestinians To Score Drugs” – was just released.

“We’re always keeping an eye on the changing landscape of media and the way news stories are being told, and VICE is making such a cultural impression right now it just seemed like a natural fit for us to target,” The Onion’s VP of Production George Zwierzynski told us ahead of the EDGE premiere. “The idea has been in the pipeline for some time, we’ve just been waiting for the right moment to strike. We shot it a few months ago and we’ve been in post since.”

While he didn’t give away too much about the show, Zwierzynski said we can expect future EDGE episodes in Japan, Bahrain, and Ecuador, and there’s a good chance the series might extend beyond these first six episodes. “We’ve been approached by certain possible partnerships and are discussing details of how this show can exist in the future and what form that’ll take,” Zwierzynski said. “Onion Studios allows our creative minds to be more flexible. I think we’re all very excited at the potential of developing TV shows and potentially film in the near future.” Watch the premiere episode of EDGE above, which comes complete with a bonus episode called “EDGE Endnote.”

Here’s the First Episode of ‘The Onion’s ‘VICE’ Parody […]