Can Iggy Azalea Redeem Her Reputation on Fake-Singing Competition Lip Sync Battle?

Iggy Azalea has gotten dinged up over the past year, but here on Lip Sync Battle, it’s an even playing field. While a match-up against Azealia Banks would have been too perfect, she instead goes up against her husband-to-be, Nick Young. We’ve got to say, they are kind of cute together! He sings her “Sugar” and she sings him “Freak Me,” and that, kids, is how babies are made.

Battle 1: Iggy Azalea’s “Teenage Dirtbag” vs. Nick Young’s “Sugar”

Maybe it’s the song, but there’s something a little sleepy about Amethyst’s performance. All of the technical aspects are there. She hits her marks, does a good head-bang, and knows the words (which is more than we can say about her own musiceyy-o!), but it feels a little empty. Meanwhile, Nick Young isn’t as strong of a performer — it’s not clear that he actually knows all the words, and his timing is a little off — but damn, that smile. Look at those teeth. Those are some good teeth.

Winner: Nick Young, by a megawatt smile. (Although major points for that burn, Iggy.)

Battle 2: Iggy Azalea’s “Freak Me” vs. Nick Young’s “Here I Go Again”

The tough part about lip-syncing a multipart harmony is that it’s physically impossible, but Iggy pulls it off here with “Freak Me” by the ‘90s R&B group Silk. These are some masterful pelvic thrusts. Nick’s second performance, to Whitesnake’s classic, shows how his charm quickly wears thin. We wanted to see him bring it. Instead, he’s just flopping. What is this, a basketball game? Eyy-o!

Winner: Iggy Azalea, by a hump of the floor.

Overall: Iggy Azalea, you win whatever bet you made with your fiancé over this.

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young Do Lip Sync Battle