Brad Bird’s The Iron Giant Is Coming Back to Theaters, Remastered, With New Scenes

Director Brad Bird has put together a pretty [puts on sunglasses] incredible body of work so far, including two beloved Pixar films and the histrionically fun Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. But before he was given mammoth budgets to make what are essentially live-action animated movies, Bird directed the gorgeous The Iron Giant, an animated movie with shades of Stand by Me and The Day the Earth Stood Still. Vin Diesel voices the Giant, giving a genuinely moving performance. (Diesel recently hinted that a sequel may one day happen, but nothing substantial has surfaced yet.) Though lovingly made and impeccably animated (a mix of computer and traditional animation), the film sunk like a heap of scrap in the sea, earning $31 million on a $70 million budget. Now the movie is being rereleased in theaters, remastered, and with two new scenes in a “Signature Edition.” It’ll hit theaters for two single-night events and screen at the Toronto International Film Festival. A Blu-ray release has also been announced, so you’ll be able to watch the movie and cry uncontrollably every night. Either way, if you didn’t see it 16 years ago, now you can rectify that mistake. Watch the trailer for the Signature Edition below:

The Iron Giant Is Coming Back, With New Scenes