Jeff Garlin Says There’s a 51% Chance of More ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

The latest update on Curb Your Enthusiasm comes from yesterday’s The Goldbergs panel at TCA, where Jeff Garlin revealed that the odds are now slightly in favor of more episodes. When asked about the future of Curb, Garlin said that he would “certainly love to” make more episodes:

There are two levels to getting another season of Curb to air, the actor explained. First, there’s the “Uhhh, I got an idea, I think I’m gonna write the show – That’s Step 1,” Garlin said. Step 2 is when he’s written six or seven episodes and says, “Yeah, I’ll finish it,” Garlin continued. “Curb is the only show in TV history that only moves forward owing to the creator’s decision based “entirely on creativity,” Garlin said. “Larry David is so goddamned rich he doesn’t have to do anything unless it’s good.”

When pressed for specifics, Garlin said there’s a decent chance – about “51%” – chance of more Curb and he hopes they do more. HBO exec Michael Lombardo said last year that as long as Larry David is thinking about it “we still have a place for it,” but David had no plans to bring the show back at the time – at least not last year.

Jeff Garlin Says There’s a 51% Chance of More ‘Curb […]