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Farewell, Midi-Chlorians: J.J. Abrams Promises They Won’t Be in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Remember midi-chlorians, the Force-connected bacteria that, for many fans, became symptomatic of the flaws of the Star Wars prequel trilogy? If not, don’t worry: J.J. Abrams promises they will play absolutely no part in The Force Awakens. In a red-carpet interview with MTV, Abrams confirmed that his new Star Wars will not mention the tiny little plot holes. (He refused to address other aspects of the film, like whether anyone says “May the Force be with you.”) It’s the latest attempt by Abrams to distance himself from the Star Wars prequels — he previously joked about including the corpse of Jar Jar Binks somewhere in the film — which means, at the very least, if Force Awakens sucks, it will suck in a completely different way from The Phantom Menace.

J.J. Abrams Promises No Midi-Chlorians