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Meet Jon Rudnitsky, Your Newest SNL Featured Player

Start saying it in a Darrell Hammond voice. Photo: Courtesy of Saturday Night Live

Hiring Pete Davidson seems to have worked out for Saturday Night Live last year, so now the late-night show has recruited yet another young stand-up who probably cannot remember the O.J. Simpson trial: SNL’s latest featured player is 25-year-old comedian Jon Rudnitsky, a USC alum and the winner of the Laugh Factory’s college comedy competition all the way back in 2012. Here’s his winning routine, which features a memorable bit about his brother’s huge dick:

But this is SNL, so you want to know about his impressions, right? Like everyone else who was alive in spring 2014, he does a credible McConaughey:

He’s got a surprisingly good Frank Underwood in his pocket:

But if any one of these is going to show up next year, our money’s on his Mark McGrath. Think of the Extra parodies!

Jon Rudnitsky Is Your Newest SNL Featured Player