Here’s Justin Bieber’s Very Skateboard-y, Tropical-Sounding ‘What Do You Mean’

The lyric video for Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean” surfaced earlier than planned Thursday night — and what a treat it is. The song sounds like what would happen if you took Steve Aoki’s alarm clock to a tropical beach resort. And although the accompanying visuals don’t really go with the lyrics, they’re entertaining — like the artists who do Disclosure’s stuff had at a Tony Hawk video game featuring Ryan Sheckler, Chelsea Castro, and the Biebs as the only playable characters. Sorry, no Bam Margera, but how badly have you wanted to see Justin Bieber do a nollie flip instead? Doesn’t matter! He does one here, with 50 percent clothes and 100 percent bad-itude. Enjoy:

Here’s Bieber’s Skateboard-y ‘What Do You Mean’