Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Robert Durst Episode, Hot Mic and All

The strange tale of Robert Durst will be the latest true-crime story to be ripped from the headlines and run through the Law & Order wringer: As this trailer reveals, the upcoming season premiere of Law & Order: SVU will focus on the case of a wealthy, seemingly untouchable serial killer (Dallas Roberts’s Dr. Greg Yates) whose case mirrors Durst’s, down to the trash bags full of body parts and the inadvertent confession seemingly caught on tape. SVU’s portrayal will complete the Law & Order–Robert Durst trifecta: A 2002 episode of Criminal Intent saw David Thornton play a rich cross-dresser who murdered his mob-daughter friend, while a 2004 episode of the Law & Order mothership featured Henry Stram as an “eccentric cross-dressing millionaire” who killed his neighbor and, decades earlier, his wife. To commemorate the occasion, Durst will receive a gold-plated statue of Jerry Orbach.

Law & Order: SVU Is Doing a Robert Durst Episode