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Here Are 5 Gems From Lil B on Politics, Race, and Ditching Clinton for Sanders

The BasedGod. Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Rapper and hex extraordinaire Lil B used to be a big proponent of Hillary Clinton, but apparently she’s passé now. It’s all about Bernie Sanders. Why? Well, that’s what happens when you don’t follow Lil B back on Twitter. Bad idea. Truthfully, that’s only part of it (but definitely a part of it). Lil B also evidently did some research and discovered that he likes Sanders’s early work (civil-rights activism) more than Clinton’s (Republican “stuff”). The artist, occasionally known as the BasedGod for his limitless wisdom and grace, talked with CNN (hello, youth vote?) about the switch, as well as a handful of other pertinent, potentially vote-determining issues.

Here are some of the best thoughts he shared with CNN about:

1. Sanders vs. Clinton

Once the people started telling me about Bernie Sanders and comparing what he was doing back in his younger days and what she was doing, it made me kind of look at her different — not really respect her as much as I thought … She didn’t have any part in trying to march against segregation. She was just a follower … I always look at where people started, and I want to know what she has to say about that.

2. The Black Vote

To win African-American voters you have to feel them, [but most of the candidates] don’t understand what that means. I wish people grew up in the hood and grew up with adversity and seen shit.

3. Black-on-Black Crimes

What about the dirty landlords … the dirty bankers … the police that are dirty or the dirty court system? With black-on-black crime, most of the times, that comes from poor black people that’s trying to get out. They’re misguided.

4. Sanders’s Relationship to the Black Lives Matter Movement

It might be uncomfortable for him to talk about the issues, but he has a leg to stand on … I mean, if he was marching for civil rights back then, he was protesting against segregation … and all the youth, the black youth, should be able to hear him out.

5. Campaigning 101

You gotta rock with the people.

Read his whole interview here.

5 Gems From Lil B on Politics, Race, and Hillary