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Lil B Spent His Birthday by Talking About Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Black Lives Matter on MSNBC

Lil B turned another year older Monday, but instead of celebrating his birth in any apparent decadent or lavish manner, the rapper renowned for positive vibes took to MSNBC to discuss politics. Speaking with Michael Eric Dyson, Lil B used his airtime to further explain why he’s supporting Bernie Sanders for president, why Black Lives Matter is an important movement, and how well those first two forces are meshing at the moment. The BasedGod (or should we start calling him the BasedGov?) also steered the conversation toward the environment, prison reform, and gay and transsexual rights — another step in the right direction for the rapper, who recently made a transphobic joke on social media. As always, Lil B’s core message revolved around spreading love and empathy to all:

The social push, which included several retweets and nearly 40 Instagrams, for the appearance was incredible. Lil B even turned some of the ‘grams into “rare” collectors’ items. Here are the good ones so you can print them out and enrich your collection (and your life):

The caption for all his on-set photos was “Rare photo of Lil B at msnbc x CNBC headquarters !! Collect!!” As one Twitter user noted, moments like these make us hope Lil B lives forever. And ever. Happy birthday, Lil B.

Lil B Spent His Birthday Talking Politics on TV