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Louis C.K. Releases Next Live Album, Kind of Makes Up for the Louie ‘Extended Hiatus’ Thing

2015 Winter TCA Tour - Day 12
Louis C.K. Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Louis C.K. might have unnecessarily taken scissors and power tools to your heart with the recent revelation that he’s taking an “extended hiatus” from his hit FX series, Louie. Fear not: He’s now going to slowly pick up the pieces and MacGyver the thing back together (ugh, let’s hope he will repair it with grace, patience, and finesse, though) in a series of good moves, which start with the release of his latest live album and also include two new FX shows and a few other forthcoming projects. As C.K. is wont to do, he has put the new comedy record on his website (you can snag it here). And in a very C.K. letter to fans and casual visitors of his site, he explains that it’s audio from his Madison Square Garden performances from earlier this year — oh, as well as some repeat material from his Comedy Store special. Rejoice!

Here’s everything C.K. had to say about it:

Dear Human Person,

Hi. This is Louis CK. This is just a note to let you know that I have put a new show up on It’s called “Louis CK live at Madison Square Garden”. The show is exactly what is described there. It’s the audio from my last of 3 shows that I performed at Madison Square Garden early this year. Some of the material is in the Comedy Store Special. Some of it isn’t. But it’s also a fun show on it’s own. BUT since it’s repeated material, I’m giving you the option to set your price anywhere from 1 dollar to 85. The default is 5. I hope you like it.

There isn’t much else to say. I’m having a pretty nice summer and I hope you are too. I feel pretty good about the planet, the country and my immediate surroundings, even though a lot of things are a huge mess all over the world. It may be selfish, or naive or even calloused to feel pretty good ever about anything when anyone anywhere is having a bad time and there sure are a lot of anyones everywhere having a bad time. But then again if you’re upset all the time because something bad is happening every second, then jesus. I mean… for christ’s sake, take it easy.

I hope all of you are having a good summer. I hope you’re all relatively okay or better. I hope that nobody shoots anybody today. What are the odds of that? low. But I hope it. 

Take care


And there you have it.

Louis C.K. Released His Next Live Album