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Miley Cyrus Got to Ask People on the Street What They Think About Miley Cyrus

In preparation for the MTV VMAs this weekend, Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be a good idea to see what the general public thought about the often controversial host — using an Undercover Miley as a woman on the street, of course. The resulting I Witness News answers run the gamut from the unexpectedly deep (“The whole fabric of America is falling apart, and she’s not doing anything to try and keep it together”) to the indifferent (“I just like Taylor Swift better”) to the totally weird (“Oh, Miley down South?”). Also, yes, of course Undercover Miley still twerks and does other semi-inappropriate things. The clip, and the world, would not make sense otherwise. If this and her tweets are any indication, the VMAs are going to be one helluva show.

Watch Miley Ask People What They Think About Her