Destroyer’s New Video for ‘Times Square’ Is Trippy Stop-Motion Bliss

“Times Square,” the latest single from Destroyer’s upcoming album Poison Season, has a trippy new stop-motion video. It  feels like hitting a bowl with Wallace and Gromit. As singer-songwriter Dan Bejar croons to the screen, small, pot-smoking creatures made of moss, a chewing-gum monster, and a human brain with googly eyes dance laconically. Despite the song’s title, New York’s iconic hub of tourists and taxis barely appears in the video. The playful opening guitar recalls the Flaming Lips’ “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,” but the mix of sultry-sad saxophones, jangly pianos, and Bejar’s singular voice is completely Destroyer. “The writing on the wall / Isn’t writing at all / Just forces of nature / In love with the weather station.”

New Destroyer Video Is Trippy Stop-Motion Bliss