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Pope Invites Oprah, Matt Damon, Ari Emanuel to the Vatican in Most Extravagant Joke Setup Ever

Pope Francis Holds an Audience For Ministrantes
Nudge nudge, wink wink. Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty

In what is almost certainly the setup to a hilarious punch line only he knows, the pope has invited Oprah, Matt Damon, Ari Emanuel, David Geffen, and Brian Grazer to walk into a bar the Vatican. According to THR, they’re all on the short list for Pope Francis’s planned meeting with Hollywood big shots sometime in the fall, where the Cool Pope will reportedly try to convince the entertainment industry that the Catholic Church is cool, too. We can’t forecast exactly how those talks will go, but we’re confident the whole trip will end with the appearance of a 12-inch pianist.

Pope Invites Oprah, Damon, Geffen to Vatican