Taylor Swift Superfan Ryan Adams Is Recording a 1989 Cover Album

Adams and Swift. Photo: Getty Images

Now that he’s made his peace with 1969, Ryan Adams has turned his attention to a year two decades later. The singer-songwriter revealed today on Twitter that he’s currently working on a track-by-track cover version of Taylor Swift’s 1989. Why? Because they’re “badass tunes,” he told Swift. “We’re sandblasting them and they’re holding steady.” Upon receiving the news, Swift reacted with her usual understatement, telling Adams, “I’m not going to sleep tonight or ever again and I’m going to celebrate today every year as a holiday.”

In case you’re worried that this is just a prank, here’s a short clip of Adams’s version of “Welcome to New York.” It’s like the song’s been waiting for him.

Ryan Adams Is Recording a 1989 Cover Album