Snoop Dogg’s Tour of European Legal Trouble Continues

Photo: Seth McConnell/Getty Images

After being detained in Sweden for allegedly looking like he was high last weekend, Snoop Dogg has now had a run-in with Italian customs, according to the Associated Press. The rapper with an affinity for ganja was stopped by Italian authorities at the Lamezia Terme airport in Calabria Saturday after they found him carrying $422,000 in cash. The authorities then took half of his money under anti-money-laundering regulations, which require you to declare if you’re transporting more than $11,000 in cash across EU borders. They will reportedly keep that money until they determine how much of a fine to levy against him. This leaves Snoop with a little more than $200,000, which can buy you approximately 50,000 booklets of Zig Zag rolling papers or around 53 pounds of pot. If things continue in this fashion, Snoop will be hanging out with British authorities this Sunday.

Snoop Dogg’s European Legal Troubles Continue