Happy Hump Day: Here’s Chance the Rapper and Lil B’s Surprise Mixtape

You won’t regret pressing play. Photo: Getty Images

Out of the blue last month, Chance the Rapper quietly announced that he’d made an album with Lil B. Immediately, fans reacted with a mixed bag of skepticism and hype. Well, they weren’t lying: Free Based Freestyles is real, and today the two rap eccentrics released the six-song mixtape on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. And it’s a true impromptu project, with both rappers (and frequent Chance collaborator Noname Gypsy) trading “off the top” bars over a few instrumentals played by members of Chance’s band, the Social Experiment. If you’re desperate for something to rescue you from those midday, mid-week doldrums, here’s your quick fix courtesy of #TheBasedGod and his new BFF — each at the top of their game. Fair warning: “Amen” might accidentally make you doze off — it’s a soothing lullaby, much like Chance’s take on the Arthur theme song, and the tape’s best track. But play “We Rare” when you’re clocking out if you’d like to feel super-swaggy.

Stream Chance the Rapper and Lil B’s Mixtape