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Watch the Frenetic, Creature-Filled Shannara Chronicles Trailer

During Sunday night’s MTV VMAs telecast, the network unspooled the official, weird-creature-filled trailer for its forthcoming fantasy series, The Shannara Chronicles. The show is based on Terry Brooks’s similarly named saga, which comprises 25 books and follows a trio (an elf, a half-elf-half-human person, and a human) of postapocalyptic badasses as they try to vanquish a demon army. Sounds like a quest, right? Right. If this trailer is any indication, that quest will be a huge to-do and the army will be delightfully unreal and freaky. Good luck, guys. The series debuts next January, with Jonathan Liebesman reportedly directing the first two episodes, and Smallville co-creators Al Gough and Miles Millar serving as series executive producers and showrunners. (Don’t even think about developing fantasy fatigue — this adaptation’s been a long time coming.)

Watch the Frenetic Shannara Chronicles Trailer