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Sundance Hit The Witch’s Trailer Will Probably Give You a Good Scare With All Its Creepy Animals and Kids

Robert Eggers’ The Witch, a runaway Sundance hit that nabbed a best director prize for its debut helmer, has its official trailer ready. It’s creepy as hell (and hell is pretty creepy). The film paints a portrait of a devout Puritan family looking for the kingdom of God, but, as you might have guessed by the title, they stumble upon something else entirely. This clip will give you an idea of what you’re in for, as it hits all the requisite unnerving marks: cute baby, check; other cute kids skipping to creepy music, check; a dark, ominous wood, check; a transmogrifying goat (good job, goat!), check. And, to make things just a little creepier, the film is a 1600 New England period piece, complete with the stunning production design you see in the trailer as well as that eerie Sunday-school dialect. The Witch (or The VVitch, if you prefer) comes sometime in 2016.

The Witch Trailer Will Give You a Good Scare