Toy Story 4 Will Be a Love Story Between Woody and Bo Peep; Ready Your Tear Ducts Accordingly

Let’s hope he lives up to his name. Photo: Pixar

After the near-death experience of Toy Story 3, the toys of Toy Story are naturally going to react to that traumatic experience by finding solace in each other’s tiny plastic arms. That’s according to Disney’s John Lasseter, who tells CNBC that the upcoming Toy Story 4 will center on a romance between Woody and Bo Peep. Bo was Woody’s love interest in the first two Toy Story films, but was left out of the third movie for unknown reasons; dialogue implied she’d been given away in the intervening years. In December, Lasseter, who is directing the film, announced that it would pick up after the events of Toy Story 3, so perhaps this will be a case of finding love late in life. Toy Story 4: Toys in Rodanthe!

Toy Story 4 Will Be a Love Story