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CBS Is Developing a Show Based on Training Day

Will Denzel return? Photo: Warner Bros

CBS plans to turn Antoine Fuqua’s Training Day into a TV series. The network has ordered a pilot based on the 2001 film to be directed by Fuqua, who’ll also executive-produce the series with Jerry Bruckheimer. Training Day the show will pick up 15 years after the events of the movie, which will be set in a modern-day LAPD. It’s unclear whether or not Ethan Hawke or Denzel Washington (who won an Oscar for his villainous role) will appear on the show. (Denzel has proven the range to play anything, so why not a ghost named Detective Alonbooooo Harris? Or maybe there will be a flashback.) It’s worth noting they’re both onboard to star in Fuqua’s next film, a Western called Magnificent Seven, out next year. No word if King Kong has gotten any shit since the film’s release.

Training Day May Be a CBS Show