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Watch Howard the Duck Get a (Fake) Big-Budget Reboot

Can you name the first movie based on a Marvel Comics property? It wasn’t anything to do with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, nor was it 2000’s X-Men or 1998’s Blade. Before all of those big-screen, big-profit triumphs, Marvel made a wild bet that the character America wanted to watch at the cineplex was … Howard the Duck. In 1986, George Lucas co-produced a film based on Marvel’s bizarre cult-favorite character, who was an extraterrestrial, anthropomorphic, wisecracking duck-creature named Howard. The movie was, to put it mildly, a rotten egg.

But now that Marvel properties are a big business, the company should reckon with its history and embrace its first movie hero. His tiny, jokey cameo last year was just the beginning. It’s time for Howard to fully join the MCU. Here, then, is an all-new “Vulture Remix” from video artist Louis Plamondon (a.k.a. Sleepy Skunk), in which we place Howard firmly in the world of the Avengers. Bask in its shiny, Sensurround glory. And afterward, watch more of our “Vulture Remixes” — past hits include Doug Funnie singing “Trap Queen” and Ant-Man reinvisioned as a ‘50s horror flick. Quaaaack.

Howard the Duck Gets a (Fake) Big-Budget Reboot