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‘Vulture Remix’: Watch the Peanuts Kids Scream About the CGI Peanuts Movie

In the past decade, an insidious force has crept its way into the lives of America’s youth: CGI cartoons. It only used to appear in the occasional TV show (remember ReBoot?) and movie (the less said about The Polar Express, the better). Now it’s everywhere in children’s programming.

But CGI has finally gone too far: This fall, the beloved characters of Peanuts are being tossed into the Uncanny Valley of computer-generated cartooning. The trailer for The Peanuts Movie is disorienting and disturbing for anyone who loves the timeless Charlie Brown masterpieces of yore. It was too much to bear. In the latest “Vulture Remix,” video artists Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster force the beloved hand-drawn tykes of Peanuts to see what’s been done in their name. The results aren’t pretty.

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The Peanuts Kids Hate the CGI Peanuts Movie