This Clip From Xavier Dolan’s New Movie Is So Wrong, But So Hot

Before you press play on the following video, we’ve got a question to ask: How cool are your co-workers? If you tell them that you’re going to watch a clip from the new Xavier Dolan movie, will they know that Dolan is the acclaimed young actor-writer-director behind movies like the Cannes-honored Mommy? Might they even remember that his latest release, Tom at the Farm, was actually filmed before Mommy, but it’s finally making its Stateside debut this Friday (in theaters and on Digital HD)? If your colleagues still require a plot synopsis, tell them that Dolan plays the titular Tom, who visits the family of his deceased ex-lover, Guillaume, only to find out that Guillaume had never even told them he was gay. Tentative Tom switches up his story and claims only to be a friend of Guillaume’s, but the late man’s conservative, domineering brother Francis (Pierre-Yves Cardinal) suspects the true nature of their relationship, and soon he’s throwing Tom up against the wall in a very inappropriate but undeniably hot kind of way. All this is just preamble for determining whether our exclusive video is NSFW: If you’ve got the kind of co-workers who don’t know Dolan and wonder why you’re watching two hot French-Canadian dudes engage in what seems to be choke play, just tell them it’s for art.

Watch a Clip From Xavier Dolan’s New Film