This America’s Best Dance Crew Performance to ‘Shut Up and Dance’ Will Make You Feel Alive Again

Whereas So You Think You Can Dance has been a little sleepy and stale, America’s Best Dance Crew has been giving us the elixir of reality-television life. This all-stars reboot is nothing short of fantastic, so it’s fitting that the final three crews are the most talented, inventive, and unique crews left — Quest, Super Cr3w, and Kinjaz. The crews performed two dances on Wednesday night, and we’re picking our favorite from each. They’re all so great that it’s more a matter of taste than ability, which is a great place for a competition show to be.

Quest Crew, “Shut Up and Dance”
Is it any surprise that Quest Crew toured with LMFAO? They don’t quite have the laser precision of Kinjaz or the technique of Super Cr3w, but they’ve got a sense of drama. (Like when they did an Ariana Grande performance in drag.) This is a perfect encapsulation of what they’re great at: high-energy acrobatics, fun choreography, and a cheesy sense of humor. If this performance doesn’t make you smile, you should get your soul checked.

Kinjaz, “O.G.”
Kinjaz might be the newest crew (they formed from past members of JabbaWockeeZ and Kaba Modern), but they seem to have the most distinctive style. Both of their performances last night were fantastic (the same cannot be said for the other two crews). Their first performance to the Weeknd’s “Earned It” moved like liquid smoke, but the way they created various spaces and scenes with the moving screens in this performance was brilliant.

Super Cr3w, “Block Rockin’ Beats”
Each of the final three crews knows how to play to their strengths. Super Cr3w’s weak spot has always been choreography, which is why sometimes their performances are fragmented — good bits, but not a good performance. So for their final routine of the night, they figured out a way to essentially nix the choreography in a way that doesn’t seem like a highlight reel. It’s virtuosic.

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