Let’s Say You’re Jake Johnson, and You Just Discovered a Mysterious Bone …

And now, another installment of What Would Jake Johnson Do? This week’s scenario comes courtesy of the new Joe Swanberg–directed film Digging for Fire (out August 21 in theaters and August 25 on VOD), in which Johnson and Rosemarie DeWitt play a married Los Angeles couple offered the chance to house-sit for one of her wealthy clients. They’re keen on the idea, but not long after they’ve moved in for the weekend with son Jude in tow, our couple discovers two odd items hidden in the yard: a rusty old gun, and what seems to be a bone. So what should Jake Johnson do about it? Should he ignore those clues and knuckle down on the family taxes like he promised his wife? Or should he pursue these mysterious items and see where they lead? Press play on this exclusive clip, and watch as Johnson and DeWitt argue their positions.

Watch Jake Johnson in a Digging for Fire Clip