Frolic Around New York City With Joanna Newsom and Paul Thomas Anderson

Paul Thomas Anderson has found his new muse: Fiona Apple’s doppelgänger! You might’ve heard Joanna Newsom’s sweet voice all over Inherent Vice (she narrated the film), and you may recall that her husband Andy Samberg served as Joanna’s arm candy at this year’s Oscars (though, technically, he was the nominee that night), but did you know that Joanna’s also a musician? After a five-year break since 2010’s acclaimed Have One on Me, the multi-instrumentalist will return this October with her fourth album, Divers. And that comeback has inspired Anderson to direct his first music video in two years (he last did Apple’s “Hot Knife”), for the album’s sprightly first single, “Sapokanikan.” In the mood for some Christmastime whimsy? Come frolic around New York City in the winter with Newsom and get lost in her charm. If PTA’s live-action Pinocchio is for real, we know a certain cricket she could play.

Watch Joanna Newsom’s PTA-Directed New Video